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In designing iPopup, we asked "What can be solved with this tool?". The resounding answer lies in mobility and ease of use. Mobility You don't need to be sitting with a web browser or navigate through myriads of pages to get at the heart of what's executing inside Teradata right now. If you have an iOS device (iPad, iPhone) running iOS 7, you own the mobile device to put Teradata performance data in your pocket. Ease of use. A clean, beautiful interface Is inherited from Apple's iOS library. If you know how to use the Stocks app, you would be a natural with iPopup self service app. Context and stimulation are present in every aspect of our design. Tap gestures provide navigation pathways between session lists and their respective Explain plans. Explain plans can be refreshed to see how they've progressed. iPopup and Q-Cloud server component provide conduit between a running Teradata system and you on your mobile device, wherever you choose to be. iPopup is a free download from EquiQuery located in the Apple App Store. iPopup has a demonstration mode for immediate evaluation.

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